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Stabilised Multifunctional Mini Chlorine Tablets 1kg

Stabilised Multifunctional Mini Chlorine Tablets 1kg

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Aquasparkle multifunctional mini chlorine tablets are used to sanitise hot tub water. These tablets are designed to be used with floating dispensers. They will slowly erode over a period of 3-5 days depending on the flow of water over them.



Although we sell chlorine tablets we do not suggest the use of these tablets in acrylic hot tubs. These are known as "trichlor" (Trichloroisocyanuric acid) tablets and are very aggressive to hot tub components. In some cases the acrylic shell can be damaged by the use of "trichlor tablets". This can also in some cases result in issues with warranty. Trichlor tablets will cause are also one of the main causes of hot tub headrests / pillows deteriorating.

If you wish to use chlorine in your acrylic hot tub we recommend using the granules as these, ( as long as used correctly) do not cause the same problems.

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